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As a current state (ShipStation Help link), the BigCommerce to ShipStation integration does not identify gift orders. The gift message from BigCommerce do appear as a customer note on ShipStation via the integration but the Gift flag isn't set. Further, BigCommerce supports gift wrapping (BigCommerce link) individual products natively and unfortunately we are unable to utilize this feature of BigCommerce as we do not have a way to identify the information utilizing the ShipStation platform. As an enterprise customer, the limitations should be lifted soon so that we can better serve consumers within ShipStation.

Any chance we can get some attention on this @Moderator-Davis ?

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The work flow represented here would be when the shopper places a message in the gift wrapping message section, ShipStation, which is connected via API calls to our BigCommerce store already, would have to send a GET to{store_hash}/v2/orders/{order_id}/products/{product_id} and the return would contain that gift message and the gift wrapping information.


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Hey there @InventureIT


Thank you very much for posting this feedback! I have shared this directly with my team for review. I know that Gift Messages are in the works! As soon as I get any updates, I will update this thread accordingly.


Your detailed feedback is appreciated.