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I wish to suggest the ability to make a booking (not consignments) for TNT Australia using ShipStation.

TNT’s AU CIT Service desk have stated the following:

We do have a separate API called Booking Web Service that can be used to arrange domestic bookings/pickups. Please note the APIs used to create a consignment and to arrange a booking/pickup are separate.

I can see TNT as a carrier pick up option in my ShipStation account, but when I try to book there is an error.

Please consider the ability to make bookings for TNT Australia using ShipStation.

If I have to make bookings directly with TNT, I also create the consignment with TNT as the booking is made automatically.  Each time I do that, ShipStation does not get a commission for taking the booking.

Further, having to leave the ShipStation platform to make a booking reduces efficiency and increases frustration, particularly as TNT have confirmed booking integration with ShipStation is possible.