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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
You really need to integrate with CommerceHUB. WE just signed up with online portal and the require the use of CommerceHUB to fulfill orders through their system. This is a large company that services huge online companies like bestbuy, walmart, toysrus and more. Please get an integration set up asap and take over the shipping integration world!
First-timer (legacy)
I totally agree that CommerceHub integration is a must. Any status updates on this?
First-timer (legacy)
This needs to happen i think we could all agree the integration would make our lives much easier!
First-timer (legacy)
We also require CommerceHub integration.
First-timer (legacy)
Hi we need this, there a lot of companies that deal with commerce hub. Very important that ship station gets this done
First-timer (legacy)
This integration is badly needed as many large marketplaces use CommerceHub exclusively and without an integration those marketplaces are more of a pain to use then they should be. The only other option that I have found is to stop using Shipstation and to send your inventory to Shipwire and have them fulfill your CommerceHub orders since they integrate directly with CommerceHub.
First-timer (legacy)
We require commercehub integration as well.
First-timer (legacy)
'@ShipStation, it's been over a year since the last update, where's this at. Not having CommerceHub integration is a significant problem for our business. Everyone else, is there any recommended workaround for CommerceHub other than downloading and uploading csvs?
First-timer (legacy)
Hi There, We also use Home Depot Commerce Hub and I'm having to enter 40+ orders manually into Shipstation which takes a lot of time and effort. Please find a way to automate this.
First-timer (legacy)
Any update on this?
First-timer (legacy)
Bbb uses commerce hub as well, any update?