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Checkout integration only shows the lowest prices. My customers do not have a choice to choose, for example, UPS 3 day over Priority mail as the shipstation integration only shows the lowest price. This is ridiculous. In particular, my international customers are concerned mainly with customs, and some prefer UPS while others prefer USPS. They are only given the choice of whichever service is lower.

I find it difficult to believe that a service with excellent cutting edge features offers such limited customer choices. This is further difficult to understand because on the admin end, I can choose to send the package via any carrier and service.


Just to qualify why this is an issue, International customers (as well as domestic) have complained regarding the lack of choice. The reasoning is solid- Some prefer one service over another due to a) Reliability of that service in their area and/or b) ease of getting through customs. Really scratching my head over why customer choice of carrier service is so limited.

Hey there @WatchCity


Thank you for posting about your experience in the community. We are happy you are joining us! 


I understand that frustration of the customer not being able to select the specific carrier they want.


Currently, you are correct, this is not a feature available in our checkout rates. But I do love this idea! I am moving this post to our Ideas board so that it can be voted on by other users that may have a similar desire! 


Expansion of the Checkout Rates feature can move in a lot of different directions, so this specific feedback is very welcomed.