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An email received today from DHL eCommerce states that: "As part of the technology enhancement effort to elevate services for our customers, DHL eCommerce Solutions will sunset the legacy API Product Finder/Rating endpoint ( on Friday, May 28, 2021. The v4 platform is fully functional to facilitate all API endpoints, including: Label, Manifest, Tracking, and Rating. For more v4 details, please visit Your account has been identified as currently operating on the legacy Product Finder (endpoint). Please transition all related activities before the sunset date to avoid service disruptions. The DHL eCommerce Solutions Team is here to support your business through the transition and can be reached at In order for us to quickly assign the Solutions Engineer, we ask that you please include “GAPI transition , ” in your email subject line." What this basically means is, DHL is telling its eCommerce customers that on May 28th, they will no longer support shipments sent through ShipStation because ShipStation is still using an OLD API (v1) from DHL eCommerce. I started using DHL eCommerce in late of 2019, and at that time, DHL had mentioned that ShipStation was (for whatever reason) NOT going to update to the newer v4 API. I am not sure if this is still the case, but this needs to be updated by ShipStation ASAP. DHL eCommerce is a big postage and shipping provider for fulfillment warehouses all over the world. To simply brush aside this update, which now appears to be a REQUIREMENT, shows that ShipStation is not interested in their customers and simply forcing our hand to look for a different shipping software provider. ShipStation... Get on the ball and do your part by updating the API that DHL eCommerce is now requiring as of May 28th. There is no reason why this has not happened yet, but now there is a deadline.
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With the V4 API connection to DHL - Order numbers are included in the shipment data. Right now this is not happening which is creating a lot of work in our reconciliation process.
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Any update on this? I posted the original thread on April 19th. It is now June 8th and from what I can tell/been told by DHL eCommerce, the changeover has yet to occur and is 11 days past DHL eCommerce's deadline. Luckily, DHL eCommerce has extended the deadline for the time being but I can't imagine it going for much longer as there are some specific API settings on 4.0 that relate to the upcoming EU changes for importing packages (effective July 1st).