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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
Add a field in the response for get shipment and get order to indicate if the shipment has been delivered.
First-timer (legacy)
Just adding that a very similar suggestion has 32 votes. Combined, this hopefully will get the attention of Shipstation since such a simple request for shipping software to indicate if a shipment has been delivered shouldn't take 5 years to develop. Here's the other issue:
New Contributor
Shipstation will now send out a text notification to customers when a package is out for delivery and when it is delivered. They obviously have this information both in the UI and now with notifications. The API docs literally saying that we need to check via each carrier API for delivery status is a little insane. Shipstation has this information on hand. Is there a non-apparent reason this is not accessible via the API or webhook?

Much needed. Very surprised it's not there already.