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We have one FedEx account for all of our employees. However, there isn't a way to indicate a cost center like when we log into our actual FedEx account at Being able to indicate a cost center through ShipStation would allow us to easily bulk print all of our FedEx shipping labels for large clients. Having a cost center directly linked in ShipStation would allow an easier process for our accounting team - the appropriate department would already be coded, rather than having to notify accounting of a shipment for a specific department, and then them having to create a journal entry in the accounting system to charge the appropriate department.


I like that ShipStation shows invalid addresses  immediately upon importing order information, before attempting to print addresses. We then have time to reach out to our client to verify address information prior to their desired ship date. 

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Howdy @StephPolson


Thanks for posting about this desire for an expansion on the FedEx integration! 


I have moved this post to the Ideas Board so that it can be voted and commented on by other users and potentially implemented down the road!