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Status: Completed
Ebay has introduced a new "Delivery Guarantee" that offers us the ability to guarantee delivery time OR handling time for packages. If we choose the Guaranteed Handling Time option, Ebay will guarantee the delivery, and if it's late, they'll refund the customer the shipping. The only catch is they are (so far) going to require we use Ebay labels to print postage for packages, which is time consuming versus using ShipStation. Could your API developers please reach out to Ebay and see if we could get ShipStation as a "qualified provider" so we can keep using SS and still be part of the "Delivery Guarantee program?"
First-timer (legacy)
Updating here. The e-bay guaranteed delivery program now extends to everyone, as long as you meet the handling time. No need to use e-bay shipping, or a special qualified provider!
First-timer (legacy)
Ebay has introduced a new "Guarantee Delivery Program" Would be great if Shipstation can tag these emails like they tag the Seller fulfilled Prime orders, so we can make sure we ship these orders out the same day.
First-timer (legacy)
This is very needed!