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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Etsy is getting ready to integrate gift wrapping and gift messages into their sales platform. I'm hoping there will be an alert for each order containing this information within ShipStation once it goes into effect. Gift messages are going to be made available to all orders at no charge, so every Etsy seller will have to deal with them whether they want to or not, and I am concerned I'll get a gift message request and not know about it. Ideally, I would also like to see a way to print ONLY gift message packing slips and not every packing slip in a batch, since I don't typically include packing slips with my orders.
First-timer (legacy)
Nudge need this fixed
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I really don't want to switch providers after 7 years but this might be the feature I have to leave for. I don't have time to keep going back and forth between my Etsy shops and check the orders there for gift wrap & notes. I refuse to use Etsy for shipping so Im going to have to check out other solutions. 😞 I had hoped once the API was passing the data we would see the feature at least scheduled but it doesn't seem to be on the radar.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes please!!!!
First-timer (legacy)
Shipstation, please help us with this! I miss tons of Etsy gift messages because I can't figure out how to have them show up in Shipstation. I love your service and could not run my business without it, but this is a huge miss.
First-timer (legacy)
Dear Shipstation, It is time to prioritize the Etsy integration update that will enable Gift Notes. This has been a highly-supported, front-page feedback request for over a year now. It is also probably the easiest front page change to implement. For the sake of keeping the feedback forum relevant, engaging and effective, please look into this again and take action. Thx Thx
First-timer (legacy)
PLEASE FIX THIS! Currently all Etsy orders that are marked as gift I have to print through them so I can get a gift receipt with gift message. This is a very basic feature that should have been integrated a long time ago. Please fix this problem.
First-timer (legacy)
Not just from Etsy- from any store really. It is intensive manual labor to print and then match hundreds of unique gift message cards to shipping labels daily, and also prone to human error. Any updates? I see a lot of these types of requests in this forum dating back to 2014.
First-timer (legacy)
Please fix this, Shipstation is not really usable for Etsy without this and it's been over two years.
First-timer (legacy)
Please fix this! it has been 2 years since this was implemented by Etsy!
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Can't believe this has been going on for years. It's ridiculous this isn't integrated. Etsy says that packing slips won't show prices, but if I can't see the order was a gift, how am I supposed to remove prices? With 100+ orders in the queue, it's not practical to have to go through every single order on Etsy to see if it was a gift or not - then manually add the gift message and apply the correct packing slip. Even with an automation set up, it won't automatically print the gift packing slip - I guess because the order wasn't imported as a gift. You have to either reprocess automation rules or manually apply the packing slip whenever you make a change.