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Like probably many others are, I'm having to do a workaround to get past the inability to integrate Amazon fulfillment in Europe (and Canada while our integration is for some reason broken).


Basically, I have to manually create a Multi-Channel Fulfillment order in Amazon sellercentral for each order that comes in on our website. (Again-- Please create an Amazon Europe Integration!)


I then need to wait until the order is processed and shipped from Amazon's warehouse, checking back the next day to pull the tracking number. (Do you see how this could be annoying?)


Once I have looked up the MCF orders individually, and pulled the tracking numbers individually, I then need to go back to Shipstation and individually copy/paste the shipping numbers into the "mark order as shipped" popup. These tracking numbers often come in the format of "TBC123456789012" and are not assigned to USPS or UPS or Fedex or any other carrier, other than Amazon's delivery team itself.


The carrier (Amazon Logistics) is not listed as an option for tracking, and "FBA" is not listed as a Ship From location, because it is a fulfillment provider not a Ship From location. The ShipStation support team member I spoke with about this issue recommended just using the carrier "Other". So I did.


However, when a customer gets an automated tracking email saying "Your package has been shipped using Other. Click here for tracking information: TBC123456789012" and there is no link... We get confused emails. 


I came up with a very simple solution that someone on your team could probably implement in 15 minutes. Just add "Amazon Logistics" as a carrier. And then have the tracking information for that carrier go through It would be so simple as a temporary solution in comparison to building and testing the Amazon Europe APIs.


Because even though I can tolerate *my team's* experience generating these orders being less than ideal, having *our customers'* experience be confusing and poor is a hard pill to swallow. 


That said, doing all of this is a time suck, and I would really appreciate movement on developing the Amazon Europe integration for this post-Brexit reality.