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I was directed to put in a feature request here, but I believe this is a bug. With the new FedEx International Connect Plus service, I am unable to ship multiple packages under one shipment. This works fine with International Priority and Economy, and I confirmed by getting a quote directly on the FedEx site that multiple packages can be shipped (and it is cheaper than sending them separately).  There is simply no option for multiple packages. 

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Was talking with my FedEx rep a few weeks ago. It turns out that FedEx does not support multi-piece shipments for International Connect. I thought it was working when using the FedEx shipping tools online, but they told me it isn't supported. 

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So after my rant, we got FedEx International Connect Plus multiple packages to work with ShipStation.  We put in all the information for the two boxes and set the service as International Economy and saved the order.  We then went back and changed the service to International Connect Plus and it processed the two boxes!  Our shipment was to Hong Kong.

FYI, FedEx International Connect Plus does work with multiple packages.  Make sure you talk to an International FedEx agent when discussing international shipments and not your local rep.


I was not able to select multiple packages (no + symbol) with FedEx Connect Plus last time I checked, but I see it there today for the first time! Does anyone know when this changed and if it's here to stay? If we can rely on this, that would be a relief as I could not find a way to limit Connect Plus to one box when taking orders and it has the best rates!