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Status: Completed

I am not sure if other Amazon sellers with UPS account have noticed this, but UPS is cheaper when you use Amazon Buy Shipping.


ShipStation will not let us use Amazon Buy Shipping through ShipStation unless it is a Seller fulfilled Amazon Prime order. We do not use seller fulfilled Amazon Prime, but still use Amazon Buy Shipping for our UPS merchant fulfilled orders.


ShipStation wanted me to post this message on this forum, because they do not believe that there are enough sellers that will use this options, so ShipStation wants to see "up votes".


Who does not want to save money?

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Totally agree on this one, let us buy Amazon labels via shipstation and they will cover INR situations.

Status changed to: Completed

Hello there!


I am pleased to announce that we have rolled out the ability to utilize Amazon Buy Shipping for non prime orders. 


If while attempting to utilize this adjustment, you run into any troubles, please reach out to Support in the app directly or via email at




We are still having issues with this. I have had a support ticket going for over a week with no success. We gave accepted the buy shiping terms and conditions. The incorrect price still populates. It is much cheaper when we login to amazon and purchase the shipping there. Another question, will we be billed for this service like we are when we use Amazon buy shipping for the prime orders? 

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We use 3rd party fulfillment system that sits between Shipstation and our Amazon Seller Central account. Would it be possible to use Amazon Buy Shipping services for such orders? Currently we receive an error message showing:

"amazon_order_item_id" cannot be null or empty (Validation). "amazon_order_item_id" cannot be null or empty (Validation)

Would it be possible for it to work if we let's say provide amazon order id (assuming this information is missing) through a custom field in Shipstation?


please lets do sth about this all of us want to use amazon buy