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When importing orders, the product SKU and name is carried over from my store (BigCommerce). 
Why not allow the API to carry more info such as UPCs, etc? 

With over 1000 SKUs to manage, modifying everything manually makes no sense at all, especially when having Shipstation manage this and update automatically is just a tweak of the API. 

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Hello there @rotorvillage


I definitely understand the desire for those UPCs, but I had a quick clarifying question!


I like this idea , my team and I just want to make sure we understand what you are wanting to accomplish. Are you looking to see those UPCs import for inventory management reason or more so Scan to print/verify side of the operation? Any additional details you can share would be greatly appreciated! 


Thanks in advance! 



New Contributor

Thanks for the reply.

I would like to use it for the scan to verify. If it were a part of the API, it would automatically update instead of hold me responsible for manually updating 1000+ SKUs with UPCs for it to work. 


Hopefully that made sense. 

Howdy @rotorvillage


It absolutely does make sense and helps! Thanks for the clarification 🙂 


@Moderator-Davis Will this ever get implemented?