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The walmart integration does not set values for email, customer ID, or payment method. While those fields are not necessary to ship the order, we pull all shipments out of shipstation via the API to import into our financial system of record (Netsuite). If no customer ID is provided by walmart, use the internal shipstation customer ID so it's not null. If no payment method is supplied by walmart, hardcode something like 'walmart'. Email address would be nice to ask walmart to provide. Ebay and Amazon provide it. thanks
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Yes. There is no reason why the customers email address is absent n Shipstation. Walmart does provide this information in its data feed so it is puzzling why Shipstation keeps this field blank.
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If Walmart buyer's email was not imported into ShipStation together with its order, ShipStation won't create a customer profile in its customer list, meaning ShipStation user won't be able to search the buyer's order history under Customer page, and cannot tag the future orders from that specific customer.
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I see this is an older thread but still relevant today. We are also experiencing a couple of issues with Walmart orders in Shipstation. --Would also like to see the email addresses in shipstation. --Another issue we are dealing with is that the walmart orders are showing as Total paid $0.00 in shipstation. I understand now that this is referring to Walmarts payout to me (Merchant) and not the order itself. When imported to my backend system the orders are showing as unpaid and we are working to hardcode to solve the issue.
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Walmart email address is very very important to pull in .
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Yes, I agree with petitioning walmart to provide the obfuscated email address to shipstation similarly to that provided by amazon. An address is available in the walmart seller dashboard, and it downloads with the export order from seller central in the "customer email ID" field just after the phone number. it should be available via the API. Currently it requires a separate download, then lookup and merge within a spreadsheet, a painstaking manual process that should be totally unnecessary. I guess this is the kind of thing that keeps zapier in business. 🙂
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Email relay is really helpful!! please include
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We also need walmart orders to iport product images like all the other stores this helps to prevent messing up an order