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The company I work for has grown to the point that we are starting to branch out into handling larger orders with higher frequencies.


Our UPS representative suggested that we give their UPS Hundredweight Service a shot. For an order to be classified as a candidate for Hundredweight service, the order has to be more than 200lbs and less than 700lbs. Supposedly the rates for UPS Hundredweight are more competitive than our UPS Ground rates and could potentially save us some spend on our shipping. For us, this would be a decent amount of orders considering we ship items that weight anywhere between 15lbs and 50lbs. Multiple item orders with items that between those weights don't take particularly to reach Hundredweight territory. Anywhere from 4 to 7 boxes of category cable will get us there. These processed packages get palletized with all of our normal outbound UPS Ground packages. Only thing we would have to do is change the shipping service to UPS Hundredweight. 


The problem is ShipStation does not have any integration with UPS Hundredweight shipping service. The only option we have right now is to utilize UPS WorldShip, which is definitely not a palatable idea compared to using ShipStation combined with our website's, back office application's, and WMS application's automation capabilities. 


We certainly cannot be the only business looking to utilize this particular UPS shipping service. ShipStation has quite a few different types of UPS, USPS, FedEX, and a plethora of other shipping services that can be integrated with it. How difficult would it be to get UPS Hundredweight able to be integrated as well? Is this something that could possibly be explored? 

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I agree!!  Is this by anychance the ground freight option available in shipstation?