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A couple of years ago a number of us requested ShipStation integration with Stripe. In our case, because Amazon stopped hosting webstores about a year ago, we migrated to a GoDaddy online store which uses Stripe and PayPal for payment processing. PayPal orders pop into ShipStation just fine as usual, but we have to manually create orders coming in via an email from GoDaddy/Stripe. ShipStation was then integrated with Stripe Relay for mobile apps. We do get a fair amount of customer traffic from mobile devices, and I imagine Stripe Relay integrates and works well with ShipStation for those who are able to develop mobile apps for their business. However, those of us that use Stripe and don't have a mobile app developer are unable to receive our orders in ShipStation because they are processed with the non-Relay version of Stripe. It sure would be nice to be able to use ShipStation's powerful business statistics features and reporting capabilities to help us analyze our GoDaddy/Stripe orders as part of our overall sales without having the pain of manually entering every order.
First-timer (legacy)
I just started taking Stripe payments as well. I have to manually input the orders in because shipstation doesn't recognize payments as an order. Please add this feature as soon as possible.
First-timer (legacy)
I do not use Stripe (I didn't even know that was a preferred payment entity for a GoDaddy site) but do have a GoDaddy site. I would also like to see this integration happen. I love ShipStation but it is a time waster to have to import each of my orders manually. GoDaddy is a major player in the website realm and I was surprised not to see it as an integrated partner. I am able to integrate all of my selling platforms but this one - and it's a real problem. Integrating GoDaddy would assure that I'm a ShipStation customer indefinitely. I love the platform but find this is a difficult issue due to the time it sucks out of my day. I could then also recommend ShipStation to my fellow council members on the GoDaddy Customer Council. Thank you for your consideration.
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