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I know that this has been requested multiple times in the past, but is there an update on when we could expect a full Klaviyo integration? It would be incredibly valuable for our business.




Gabriel Schlumberger

Occasional Contributor

Couldn't agree more. In particular, we need to have the Shipstation API send "Order Delivered" info to Klaviyo. This would be super helpful.

Hey there @gschlumb! Thanks for posting in our community about this request! 


I have checked in with my team and confirmed that currently the only direct plan is to continue the use of the API integration with Klaviyo. That does not mean that it may not still become one in the future, it's just not currently part of our roadmap. We will certainly continue to monitor interest in this integration as we make plans with the product team moving forward. 

New Contributor

This is a "must have" for a proper post-purchase flow. It is crazy that every other field you need is integrated into Klaviyo EXCEPT for the most important "Delivered" field.

New Contributor

Please add the "Delivered" status. For us eCommerce businesses this is literally the most important field of information when emailing our clients.


Yes, please include the data point for "Order Delivered" 


I would also like to see being able to push the data to Klaviyo on which store source the order came from like Etsy, Jane, Shopify etc. 


I agree this is a feature that definitely needs adding!


I also don't have a "courier" or "shipping class" event property in Klaviyo, only a service code which looks like "dpd_1_day_service". It's not very customer friendly.


I can add a tracking code but no link, so without adding the courier my customers can't actually know where to look up the tracking number.