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New Contributor
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It would be great to be able to build a link from our CRM to an order in ShipStation.
Each order already appears to have a url, of approximately this format:


Since we know the orderId, and the order status, we just need to be able to get or calculate the 'xxx' part. Any chance of getting this or has anyone already figured it out?

New Contributor

It looks like that part of the url is a UUID/GUID, or a unique ID. It would solve things and enable building the URL in our CRM if that information was returned in the response to an API call to create or update an order.

Occasional Contributor

Related to that - allow us to use the OrderID in the search.


With ebay orders (the legacy ones at least) being duplicated across multiple ebay stores, we are hitting ShipStation's system harder than needed, as it searches and returns multiple order records.


The OrderID is wonderful in our ERP system and on our packing slips. Why do you shy away from it on the ShipStation website?