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It would be great if we would be able to display live shipping rates at WooCommerce Cart and Checkout pages utilizing Shipstation API without having to rely on third parties.


100% agree with everyone requesting ShipStation to add this. It's a common-sense need for an obviously large percentage of ShipStation customers....

New Contributor

Its crazy that they have a plugin and all it does is allow label printing and push orders to ShipStation.

Who is printing their shipping labels from within woocommerce if they are using shipstation, which has a desktop application AND web interface???

The ONLY "integration" that is ever needed for a shipping plugin for woocommerce is to show the correct shipping rates.

In this case a second feature of pushing the order to shipstation is required, but on the most basic level  "shipping integration" is "show me the price to ship this thing I'm buying"

At this point if nobody is going to do anything about it ill just take the shipstation plugin and add the functionality of getting the prices from the other plugin and sell it. 


Add me to the very long list of people needing this integration. If the answer is "no" it would be great to know why, so we can evaluate our future support/utilization of the ShipStation service or move on to something that integrates better rate wise.


I guess after two years of waiting we're changing shipping platforms.  Its beyond absurd that such a needed and common integration is missing from this platform.

Occasional Contributor

We're in the same boat. I've done some digging and not only does EasyShip have live rates for Woocommerce, but they also have live customs/duties so that international customers can pay duties up front, or at least be aware of the charges. If you're doing international shipping on Woocommerce, Shipstation really isn't viable in comparison.

Occasional Contributor

I moved on long ago. Shipstation doesnt care about this clearly - they could probably hire a decent developer off of Fiverr and have this going within 30 days. 

New Contributor

ShipStation, your community of users has been begging for this for years. We've waited patiently while you said you had it in your plans to do, year after year. Now it seems like this will never be implemented. People are frustrated and leaving, going to alternatives (like easyship). Would you please move this to the top of your list? Why would you not? It's not complicated. All the shipping providers have APIs. Many have done it as third parties. For you to do it for your own system has to be relatively trivial. The investment will pay for itself quickly! Thank you.


Hello Everyone, 


Thank you all for reaching out and inquiring about this idea. At this time there are no new updates to provide, I can understand wanting this feature and can assure you all of this feedback is being provided to our team directly. 


Thank you for your continued patience, 


-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager 


Occasional Contributor

I've made the switch to Easyship.  So far so good.  Integrates into Woocommerce nicely with what appear to be reliable live rates without requiring any additional plugins to purchase or maintain.  There are a few little quirks, but mostly it's just about learning a new system.

It'll save me quite a bit of money for not having to have third-party support for live rates since Shipstation still (and apparently will never) have this integration for Woocommerce.


Occasional Contributor

I cant even comprehend how they havent thought about building out this feature yet or to fix email spam issues that have been known for 5+ years. "No new updates to provide" means that a slew of people are going to continue to look elsewhere.