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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We have variations for almost all of our products and we use a filter to sort by variations. Since eBay automatically puts the variation in the item name it's great. BUT Etsy variations only show if you click on an individual item. If you could add the Variation to the end of the Item name also my life would be perfect.
YES - vote for this!! this is a huge problem for Etsy variations! I didn't know for Ebay it adds the variation to the end of the item name - but this is a perfect solution!! Shipstation - this is the least you could do for us Etsy sellers, if you are not going to implement the ability to filter by variations.... then add the variation to the end of the item name!!! that way filters will work!
Occasional Contributor
I was ready to sign up for a Gold Account until I just found out that this feature was not available yet. Etsy now provides the VARIATION information from their API (i.e. Size, Color, etc.). I see this information imported under Item Details on ShipStation. Can you please offer the option for this attribute to be printed on the shipping label? I would also like to automate the shipping weight based on these variations (i.e. if it's a SMALL size, it would be 1 lb., if it's a LARGE, it would be 2 lbs, etc.).
First-timer (legacy)
Just added 3 votes to this as it is the one issue that we keep coming up against. Please see how Finale Inventory manage this issue as they handle it well, appending Etsy variation strings to the Etsy SKU.
First-timer (legacy)
'@ shipstation admin Please merge this suggestion with the one at the link below so the votes can be combined. Thanks!