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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
UPS knows to pick up a package that ready for pickup without having to have a daily pick up.
First-timer (legacy)
Apparently UPS does expose Smart Pickup through their API: Can this feature now be integrated in ShipStation? Also, I've read elsewhere that generating a UPS WorldShip End of Day form will trigger a Smart Pickup.
First-timer (legacy)
Admin, have you asked UPS to expose SmartPickup functionality to ShipStation? From the sound of your post it sounds as if you're passively waiting for UPS to do that instead of aggressively requesting that they expost SmartPickup thru the API. Please provide more color...
New Contributor
We would like this feature also. We package our UPS early in the day and and to simply inform them via shipstation to pickup rather than waiting around for a scheduled pickup. I'm sure UPS does not want to waste their drivers time coming to see if there are any packages every day. This is a must.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add UPS SmartPickup via ShipStation. It is already exposed via their API, this shouldn't be a big deal. Even if you do it as an independent button as opposed to being triggered off of printing a label it would be better. Thanks Red Barn Blankets
First-timer (legacy)
We recently switched from UPS WorldShip to ShipStation. SS saves us a ton of time, but the major feature we're missing is UPS Smart Pickup. We've been told by our UPS account manager that "your Shipping API can be coded to integrate with UPS to recognize your account as a Smart Pickup and trigger a pickup request once a package is processed." This feature would save us from the risk of not scheduling a pickup manually, as we're having to do right now.
First-timer (legacy)
Please add a UPS Smart Pickup trigger to SS. Streamlining and workflow efficiency are heavily advertised by SS, which makes the absence of this feature all the more maddening. How about a win-win-win for SS, UPS, and your customers? Add the feature pronto.
First-timer (legacy)
Been using ShipStation for a few weeks now. Today is the first day I found out that UPS Smart pick up doesn't work with ShipStation. I guess up until today I have had incoming packages every day. Now I have today's packages sitting here unshipped. Not shipping Nirvana. Can you make it work?
First-timer (legacy)
Thinking about switching from FedEx to UPS and the Smart Pickup is really attractive. However, if it doesn't work with ShipStation, that is a bummer. Any plans to set this up?
First-timer (legacy)
Hi @Beth, Thanks for checking in on this one. We’re still interested in this idea - at this time it is not on our immediate roadmap but it’s one we’d like to keep an eye on for now.
First-timer (legacy)
Integrating UPS Smart Pickup seems like a great way to keep existing customers from generating UPS labels outside of ShipStation. Why is it not implemented now? ShipStaion doesn't want to do it or because UPS won't allow it?