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I ship with USPS.


Customer entered "Nashville, TN 37115"

When printing, the label was automatically corrected to "Nashville, TN 32172" or some such without my notification or verification. That number doesn't exist, so the package got returned to me and I lose money. 

Apparently the correct address is "Madison, TN 37115", I think similar to how Brooklyn is considered part of NYC but technically its own borough. 

Had Shipstation notified me of this behind-the-scenes address change, I could have easily googled this and not lost money as well as a week of delayed shipping. Also oddly enough, I've shipped over 16,000 packages in the last 3 years and never encountered this. 


Hey there @eeriebus


Thanks for posting in the community.


I wanted to share this article from the Knowledge Base regarding Address Validation/Verification just in case you hadn't had a chance to review this yet! You may have already seen it, but I wanted to make absolutely sure. If you have already taken these steps, and continue to see this behavior, please reach out to our support department! 


I hope this helps! 🙂 

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No, this is not about address verification, validation, or correction. I have had that turned off since day one.


What is happening is I am clearly seeing one ZIP code in my ship-to address, and after purchasing the label see a separate zip code on the label itself. The is no change reflected in the ship-to address.


There is zero warning or notification for the change in zip code, and in fact the change is wrong so the package gets returned to me and I lose my shipping costs.

Thank you for providing that context to the behavior you are seeing. 


My recommendation is to reach out to our support department so that we can investigate that directly in the instances its happening in your account. I absolutely understand see why that is a problem, and our team is happy to investigate so that you can continue to ship normally! 


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I had reached out to support prior to writing this post.


They suggested I write this post here, agreeing that it would be a good feature that shipstation notify us when an automatic change in address like this occurs.


Their clarification is that it is not shipstation that is changing the address, but the carrier itself, in this case usps.


However, short of cross-checking every label printed to verify that the ship-to address is same as the label printed, it would be great if shipstation can notify us when the carrier makes a "behind the scenes" address change to the label.

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We just had this happen.  The address shows correct in ship station, but when we hit ship/print, the label has a different zip code on it.  USPS Priority mail via  Working with support now, but this is a massive problem if something behind the scene is magically changing the address we send (and yes, it happened with address validation turned off).