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Currently SS does not work to notify PayPal of tracking info and ship status. I am told by SS that they are not integrated with the correct PayPal API to allow this to happen. This is a big disadvantage for PayPal users, causing us an extra step by having to manually update each individual order in PayPal with tracking information. The current integration between PayPal and SS is not complete. SS, please do what is needed to integrate fully with PayPal.
First-timer (legacy)
Dear ShipStation IT personal, kindly take the PayPal integration issue seriously; as this is the deal maker or breaker for many sellers in choosing ShipStation for their order processing and shipping.
First-timer (legacy)
Just saw that it is not pushed to PayPal. But at least make it easy for us. I will have to develop my own API because of this annoying step making me have to login to PayPal. My favorite comment: "We all know that you can't integrate with paypal, so why do we have to go back to the order we just created a label for, highlight the tracking and copy it? I feel like I should tally up how many times I have to do this and deduct $1.00 for each time and send ship station the bill. Yes, pretty frustrated."
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@SuperMgr-Sarah Have you guys addressed this yet? Are you looking into addressing it?