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First-timer (legacy)
100% AGREE. It seems Shipstation just doesn't care about regional carriers which is quite disappointing due to their cumbersome process of onboarding. GSO/GLS told me the holdup is Shipstation.
First-timer (legacy)
This is the unfortunate reality. I’ve had a colleague of mine that’s worked with SS internally to develop an integration with a store platform... the plan fell through after 2 years of SS over-promising and under-delivering. Slow implementation, poor communication, and lack of motivation/focus on crucial features seem to be the teams over at SS. My colleagues company ended up partnering with a different solutions provider after. Sorry to break it to y’all, this is just futile.
First-timer (legacy)
This needs to happen. It would be one of the biggest time-savers in the operation.
First-timer (legacy)
Add GSO!! Such a great carrier for West coast
First-timer (legacy)
Yes, GLS (GSO) is a growing shipper and would be a huge benefoit if we can integrate it with shipstation.
First-timer (legacy)
is this going to be implemented at some point?
New Contributor
The majority of my shipping is with GLS, it would be SO GREAT to be able to use Shipstation for this.
Status changed to: Completed

Hello everyone! 


Happy to announce that GLS (formerly Golden State Overnight) is available in ShipStation! 


You can read about the requirements and connection steps in our knowledge base article HERE. 🙂