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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
Hi, It would be highly profitable for ShipStation if you where to implement this feature: 1. Collaborate with BigCommerce to enable bigcommerce to request real-time shipping rates from ShipStation (who would request it from the users configured carriers) 2. After ShipStation provides the realtime rates back to bigcommerce, have bigcommerce display these rates in the shopping cart "Estimate Shipping" and during the Checkout process. This will really make ShipStation stand out as an attractive option for bigcommerce users looking for better shipping management. The ShipStation API already provides support for retrieving shipping rates. It would not be too difficult for BigCommerce to add support to pull in real-time rates from the ShipStation app. Perhaps it would even be in ShipStations business interests to write the integration yourselves on behalf of BigCommerce. That way bigcommerce users would have added incentive to sign up for ShipStation, since then they could get real-time shipping rates in their Checkout that match up perfectly with their shipping costs (prevent undercharging for shipping) and would even show real-time rates for carriers that ShipStation supports but that do not have native integration in bigcommerce. Please vote for this feature request ๐Ÿ˜‰
First-timer (legacy)
I wouldn't mind this for squarespace as well. I can't figure out to do this an easier way especially when trying to ship nationwide. I have a discounted rate from a carrier that is connected to ship station and they honor it but it doesn't mean anything when my clients check out. The rate is not applied. I'm going to have to set up flat rates but it would be great if it was all calculated including the discounted rates from a fed ex or ups to ecommerce like squarespace and if it was something ShipStation was able to integrate it would be amazing
First-timer (legacy)
I think this is a great idea!!! This would be very beneficial for our business to not to have a second business quoting the shipping rates for our customers. Thanks
First-timer (legacy)
Hi, do you guys have any updates if a solution now exist? I've created a similar feature on Magento, which allows Live Rates in Cart / Checkout
First-timer (legacy)
The lack of this feature is preventing us from utilizing ShipStation. ShipStation is losing all of our business currently while we wait for this option. If available, we would move all of our shipping operations to ShipStation.
First-timer (legacy)
The ShipperHQ app does this for BigCommerce and other e-commerce providers. It has sophisticated quote calculation features over a wide variety of shippers and can evaluate many different conditions, apply shipping discounts for specific product and customer groups, and so on. You can even enter your own rates via table calculations, if you like. The downsides are that it is a separate app to configure and it will probably cost you $100/month. I would love to handle everything via a single app.