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Probably like a few others on here. I currently sell in the UK and have a click & drop account. As most of my items are "small parcels" they tend to go Evri or RM.


There is however a massive opportunity for Shipstation (revenue) to capitalise on a really daft flaw in the RM system.

  • As a small seller, you sign up for a Click & Drop account (these can't be integrated with shipstation)
  • You sell more & realise what a time saver shipstation is
  • You apply for an OBA from Royal Mail (you need to send minimum 1000 parcels a year)
  • You then receive a quote from RM and see that as a business they charge you more than you pay click & drop (unless you are sending 10's of thousands of items)

It would be great much like the UPS that has been added to get RM via shipstation. I appreciate that the way RM works there may be a fair amount of added complexity as they work on average weights rather than banded weights or volumetric weights per shipment such as other providers.

On a very basic level I think a simple integration of the following service on 2kg and under could be a great addition (I'm sure from all the data you could see how many UK sellers are posting what sized items etc)
Royal Mail 24
Royal Mail 48



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Or alternatively, just add the standard RM pricing you'd get via Click and Drop