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Does anyone have any experience with SOS inventory? We currently are using SOS as our inventory control.  Our order come from Shopify and other marketplaces to our SOS and SOS send the order to Shipstation from our marketplaces. The problem is that is we directly link our Shopify to shipstation the order is duplicated in our SOS because SOS can’t send order updates back to Shopify.   Any help would be great on this.

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Here it would be nice if the two systems were integrated directly into each other. So, instead of having to leave SOS and go into ShipStation having two disparate systems that are communicating the same information, you would have one system that pulls it all into one location. 


This is why we switched to SKUSavvy which leverages the same API (ShipEngine) to integrate bin locations & inventory, picking, packaging, shipping rates, label purchase, and fulfillment automation so your orders are all brought over seamlessly from Shopify as well as locations, products, inventory, and customers. 


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