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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Completed
This is not an idea, but an issue we are having with shipstations api and magento 2.3.3. Shipstations api is not pulling in magento 2.3.3's new get calls for order notes. Prior to magento 2, the order notes came in as the get call "getCustomerNote" and every update note after that. The new get call in Magento 2.3 for any new order notes after the initial "getCustomerNote", is "getStatusHistories". Shipstation's api needs to be updated to pull in these calls from Magento 2.3 How this affects our workflow is.. if a customer places an order, and our team finds it to be a possible fraudulent order, we'll need to place the order on hold, and add in a note "fraud order, keep on hold until reviewed", this note does not get passed along to our fulfillment team, and therefore can lead to miscommunication and errors. We were previously on Magento 1, and migrated to the newest Magento 2.3 about a few weeks ago. This feature was working on Magento 1, and not working in Magento 2.3. We'd like to get this in front of someone on the product team, as this impacts our day to day operations.