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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
We have a ShipStation account and use Shopify for eCommerce and we also have a retail location using Square POS. We often get customers that want to buy in store and have product shipped. Is there a way to integrate Square POS with ShipStation? All I've seen is that ShipStation only integrates with Square web sales and we don't use their web platform.
First-timer (legacy)
Could really use this feature as we drop ship all of our items through square POS and currently have to manually enter all shipments made through Square POS
First-timer (legacy)
Hello, Today's retail environment for a brick and mortar location REQUIRES easily coordinating shipment whether bought online or at a POS. Square should totally help you build this. I am using PAPER!! Let us charge the customers a flat fee, but to be able to collect and send the information digitally at the POS would save a lot of keystrokes and errors. Thanks! Hope this happens soon. Gerald
First-timer (legacy)
I would love this as well!
I would like to see this feature added as well.
First-timer (legacy)
I am also interested in this. My web site sales have option for Paypal or payment via Square. Paypal orders come in automatically, however, I have to enter Square orders manually. Not very efficient.
New Contributor
Most of our transactions take place on our Woocommerce website. But we get some phone orders. For the phone orders, we have to go into square, enter the details of the order (name, email, items purchased and shipping cost) to process their card. Then, we create a manual order in ShipStation and have to enter it all again. If we could create a manual order in ShipStation, and then process their card from within Shipstation, that would be great. OR, if we can create the transaction in Square terminal and then send the order info to ShipStation to create an order. Right now all information has to be entered twice.