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First-timer (legacy)
Status: Under Review
When importing orders into Quickbooks Online it sets the Sales Receipt date to the day I import them. Why not set the date to the shipping date? Please fix this. It makes no sense to use the import date and at least the shipping date would be more accurate as to when the order occured. Imagine importing 300 orders from August and then having to go back and fix the date on each one because you imported them in October.
First-timer (legacy)
Thanks so much for adding this idea! We'll keep this in mind for the future but we'd like to see some more user interest before we move forward on implementing a change. If you know any other users that are interested please send them here!
First-timer (legacy)
Totally agree! This is a HUGE flaw in the export. The sad part is when we went back to fix the date on the orders QBO ended up making the order $0. So the orders were messed up and the accounting is messed up because Shipstation does not import with the correct date.
First-timer (legacy)
I am here to support this change!
First-timer (legacy)
Also interested in this. US GAAP accounting standards generally say that you recognize revenue when you deliver a product to a customer (and the most common proxy for that is the ship date). Since Quickbooks recognizes revenue on the sales receipt date or invoice date, setting that to the ship date would be in keeping with US GAAP standards.
I would like to see this also. I'm surprised that is not the default way it works to be honest. Setting the order date in Quickbooks to the date the order was imported makes no sense. It should use the actual order date or the ship date.
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When the Quickbooks online integration creates a sales receipt or invoice in QBO, it should include the country in the "Shipping to" field. When you don't do this, it screws up how Quickbooks automatically tries to calculate sales tax (it assumes if it can't find the state, that the order should have your default sales tax settings applied, when for international orders it should usually not have any sales tax applied at all). So now I have to go manually edit each order to add the country to the shipping address which is a gigantic waste of time for something that could have been done automatically by Shipstation.

ABSOLUTELY NEED TO have the shipments transfer to QBO as of the SHIP DATE! or give us the option!!


Occasional Contributor

Why hasn't this been addressed. This is a no brainer and it ruins the import function. The ship date should be the date recorded in quickbooks. PLEASE FIX THIS.