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Hi, We use ShipStation domestically only. ShipStation doesn't have the ability to ship international orders when the individual commodity's are worth more than $2500.00 without additional customs documents. When we signed up for ShipStation we were under the impression that everything was handled through ShipStation until we were contacted by the carriers seeking customs documents. Please add support for EEI filing through the carriers to fix this. For international shipments we have been forced to ship through the individual carriers, fixing this issue would bring a lot more business to ShipStation. There is a demand for this! Who has time to Vote on "Fresh Ideas" when you're busy filling out Customs Documents? 

First-timer (legacy)
Dealing with this issue right now so the ability to have EEI filing support in ShipStation is still a need
First-timer (legacy)
Same here. We really need this functionality and I am worried that this request is from 2017 and it is still not available. In our case, we work with FedEx and have to spend hours inputting data to generate the EEI documentation.
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An area for FTR Exemption codes would be nice as well for items under $2500 that do not require an EEI number depending on what the product is or value.
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Community Manager
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Agree with OP - this is a major, long-standing deficiency. It should have progressed far beyond In Consideration in 4+ years!

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@SuperMgr-Sarah any update?