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Currently, TNT requires you to purchase the label and then also book the shipment separately. TNT only support booking shipments or organising a recurring pickup directly through TNT.  

The need for an automatic booking once the shipment is created is essential in my opinion. 

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Occasional Contributor

@IndWlf, I 100% agree, not automatically booking the pickup when creating the consignment is an egregious oversight.


Where is the incentive to book TNT through Shipstation when I still have to go to TNT and book the pick up?

I might as well book with TNT directly and have the pickup confirmed automatically.  In this scenario, any possible commission Shipstation receives for facilitating TNT bookings disappears.


After waiting 10 months to get accurate quotes for TNT via Shipstation, within a few days I am disappointed again.


Shipstation also needs to support multiple boxes for TNT.