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I'm considering adding products to a Tiktok shop

This is different from integrating your shopify store with Tiktok - so the sales actually go vuia Tiktok.


Is there anyway to integrate this with Shipstation - or future plans to?


Thanks, Sarah

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I also need tiktok shop integration with shipstation I am on chat with their synching app now to try to figure out an api or something


It would be great if they had a way of integrating TikTok into ShipStation. It would save so much time.


Looking for this option as well!!

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Yes! Very much needed this! Just started this TikTok shop and it is growing like crazy so shipstation really needs this integration. 

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As of now, DataAutomation is one of four authorized integrators for TikTok Shops! This isn’t solicitation, just a fact! We are looking for individuals to partner with us in order to dive deeper into this new and exciting endeavor. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, contact for more details. Again, we are not selling anything, just looking for willing candidates who qualify to join us on making your online shop more seamless and save you from wasted time/money. Hope this helps! @SuperheroDIY @sarah1 @kynyoubelieveit @WonktyCandlesUK @Ora 


Hey! What's the benefit of connecting TikTok direct to Shipstation vs through Shopify? Does selling directly through the TikTok store give you extra benefits that you can't get with the Shopify integration?

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If you link TikTok shop to shopify, does the order get paid and processed through Shopify, or does it simply pull your product data from shopify, onto TikTok and all payment transactions go through Tiktok?


We really need this! Wonder if there are any updates!? 

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Hey! Cool to see so much interest in integration with TikTok. If you email you should get filled in on any specific questions you may have! We also have a couple blogs outlining what the integrations do on our website! 

@PBNCreations @WW @heavygoods 

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The only bad thing about syncing your tiktok shop to shopify is that now it double records your finances (on shopify and tiktok shop).