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To date, I've gone through 2 ShipStation app updates for my BigCommerce store. Both have been extremely poorly executed by the app creators, in that nothing is explained (what the update will do or how to proceed). In fact, the info on the pages that is provided is WRONG, both times!

Here's what I mean: The last update simply showed a download icon on the app, telling me it wanted to update. So I click it and instead of ShipStation loading, or perhaps a page that explains that I'm about to update and to click a button to do so, what happens? A page loads that asks me if I want to create a free trial of ShipStation! I'm offered to confirm if I want to do this. Well, no thank you. So I close the browser and do NOT click anything on that page. Yet, strangely, when I go back into ShipStation, it is working normally. Did it upgrade? IDK. But the icon is now gone. So I'm left not knowing what has happened, other than the fact that something appears to have gone wrong. This is the kind of "communication" that ShipStation updates in BigCommerce give me. Clear as mud. Is there a problem? Did it work? Who knows??? But at least the page is loading now so it seems to be working. Still, I'm left with the feeling that I'm walking on thin ice. Come on, ShipStation, how about making these updates actually COMMUNICATE accurately what is happening, and how to proceed? Maybe even, IDK, a message that says "thanks for updating" so I know it actually worked, instead of guessing.

The previous update to V3 was even worse. Without telling me anything, that update installed a "new store." But since it told me this was an "update" I presumed it would work like all standard Updates: namely, that all the data would be migrated into the new store. Updates, you know, REPLACE the original software by default. But no. This update installed a new store, again without telling me. So I assume the data is all safe and sound in the new store and delete the old one. Why would I need that? Well, all my old shipping data was deleted with the old store! Had to jump through tech support hoops to get it back! All this would have been avoided with a SIMPLE EXPLANATION of what the "update" was going to do... create a New Store... and that I should NOT delete the old store. Because, well, it really wasn't an update in the traditional sense. It was going to create an entirely new and separate store.

Come on, ShipStation, please inform us and guide us through the updating process so we know what it happening, and whether it's working or not, instead of giving us page loads to information that appear like errors! 

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Follow up: So it wasn't working properly. No idea if this was because I didn't upgrade "properly" or if it was unrelated. But mid day on Sunday (2 days AFTER the upgrade), orders stopped importing. Chat support got them to work again by first uninstalling and then reinstalling the app. Seems unrelated to the update, however, because this error didn't begin until about 48 hours after the supposed upgrade.

But wait, there's more! After getting ShipStation to import BigCommerce orders again, Marketplace Notifications were failing. Chat support fixed that, too. About an hour later, we noticed that 9 orders had imported with NO products, but normal in all other regards. We shipped them, only to find that those orders failed with Marketplace Notifications. 

So go to Shipments > Recent and look to see if they are marked failed, right? No. None of the orders are even IN Shipments > Recent. What??? This is super flaky. But there ARE 4 orders there that say they've failed to notify, but in fact DID notify BigCommerce... whew. The whole system has become completely untrustworthy!

Not happy with this development.

Hey there @ChaiDirect


I'm sorry to hear you've run into some troubles with the BigCommerce integration connection. If you are still seeing orders that have not updated properly, I encourage continued discussion with support. I know it can be frustrating to have to do so, but it is the best option to work on a resolution directly in your account.


We appreciate you providing this feedback regarding the updating process. We certainly want to smooth out any update/upgrade phases as we move forward. 

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Thank you. Indeed ShipStation support has effectively fixed all the various problems I've encountered, as they have arisen. So that's a very good thing.

My motive in posting here was to collect the "whole story" in one place in hopes that the pattern might be noted, and fixed for future upgrades. Not once have I received accurate feedback in any BigCommerce app installation; it's always super confusing and non-communicative. What's going to happen, how, and what did or did not happen. 

The whole problem would be solved with a simple fix of adding a few page loads:

1. First tell me what is going to happen in the upgrade (what fixes or new features will be added), and what will happen if I do NOT upgrade. In other words, it is essential or not?

2. During the upgrade, a page load that actually says "upgrade now" and explains the process... i.e., "A browser window will open in which you will be guided to log in to your BigCommerce store. After you log in, the upgrade will be complete. (Or you will need to do thus and so...).

3. Then finally a page load after upgrading that tells me that the upgrade was successful or not. With all the flakiness of late, I have zero trust that this is the case. So that clarification is frankly essential!