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I currently use the ShipStation integration to my Walmart Marketplace and I really like the functionality that it offers me when I'm fulfilling my own orders. However, with the expansion of WFS from Walmart, I've shifted some of my inventory to fulfilled through that service and unfortunately none of that data gets pulled into my ShipStation account.


I'd really love to be able to have all of my WFS order information pulled into my ShipStation account so I can see all the same data for those orders and products as I can for the products that I fulfill myself. Unfortunately, Walmart's platform is far behind others (like Amazon for example) and the usability, available reports, ability to track meaningful information, and complete lack of mobile support is really hindering my growth with them. If ShipStation would be able to pull in the order information, it would be incredibly useful.


If it would be possible to pull these orders into ShipStation, it would also be great to see all associated costs for that transaction (Walmart fee, WFS fee) to be able to see the net amount that I receive from Walmart for that sale after all of their fees are accounted for.


Thanks and please reach out if you have any questions or would like any more clarification on what I'm requesting. I would really like to have this functionality available and I don't believe that any of your competitors are offering this yet.


Please implement the option for Walmart WFS order integration. 

New Contributor

I need it, too. Is there any way to bring it to the ShipStation from other tools? I'm not sure if WM has it in APIs

in API

screen, we have "Order Management" and "Fulfillment." I'm guessing if it was available in the "Order Management" API, we would be given an option...

Is there even a tool that supports pulling WFS orders?


It would be nice to have WFS orders imported.