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We are using Shipstation + WooCommerce + Subscriptions (Monthly/Yearly) + Memberships plugins that has 1-time Shipping enabled for the initial Membership subscription and products that ship with the membership the first time. However, now that this one-time shipping is enabled - it works perfectly with ShipStation the first order/time that gets the User mailing information sent for the first order. However, every recurring Membership Subscription, for some reason ShipStation takes that as a New Order and places it in the Order List to ship. Is there a way to either - 

  1. Make that WooCommerce 1-time shipping part work only 1 time within ShipStation integration, so those orders don't pop in every month, or
  2. Is there a way to auto-filter this and auto-mark those within ShipStation that they are just Membership renewals and that another product does not need to be sent out?

Ideally, if the integration with WooCommerce could fully work with the 1-time shipping, that would be awesome. Or if they had a way to do #2, that would work as well. Any help with this ASAP would be greatly appreciated!