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Hi We've been on shipstation for many years now. We're moving into the wholesale business, and need to use Zoho for our CRM to best prospect and manage accounts. We need transaction data back to Zoho so we can see how accounts are trending, etc. Anyway - we're using Magento as our front-end, but Zoho Inventory for our ERP (and it talks to Zoho Books, and back to CRM and to Support - yada....) All in, we'd like to be able to book Sales Orders in Zoho Inventory (instead of Magento) and SHIP from Zoho Inventory. This is all a long request for Zoho Inventory integration into Shipstation - exactly like you do for eComDash or Stitch. (Zoho Inventory does also do marketplace integration and integrate to Magento, BigCommerce, etc... I see it being a serious contender in the future as the aforementioned Apps didn't work for us). Thanks!
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e are not interested to add another partner/provider. we like it to be direct integration with Zoho and ship station. due to this missing feature we trying to find a replacement for ship station services.
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we are considering to rep[lace ship station with another system due to this missing integration with Zoho. we are not interested in another partner.
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we are starting to evaluate easy post and Zoho as ship station doesn't seem interested in getting this integration done. Zoho has 50 million users. must to have,.
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We would really like to see a Zoho Inventory integration with Shipstation
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First-timer (legacy)
I would also like to see a Zoho Inventory / Shipstation integration. I must start using zoho inventory and now must switch to "EasyShip" vs. Shipstation. So far, easyship is very difficult to use and would love to stay with SS, but cannot unless there is a native integration solution with zoho inventory.
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Please add this integration! 


Still nothing! I'm moving off Shipstation this summer if this doesn't get done. It's been years


Hello knut!


Thank you for your post!


ShipStation does not integrate directly with Zoho, but it could be possible to use ShipStation's open API to integrate the two platforms. Please note that this does require advanced technical skills.
Before you start with ShipStation's API, we highly recommend you review the ShipStation Developer Portal for a complete overview of all the actions that can be performed via API calls. This documentation also provides examples of calls and responses for API communication and detailed information on how to authenticate your API key and secret for API calls.
ShipStation's support team cannot help you design or build an API integration. Still, we can undoubtedly help test API calls and make sure everything is working as designed or help you identify information within the call body that would cause errors. If you're facing issues with one or more of your API calls and need some assistance, email our API Support team directly at, and our team will help look into the issue.
This article also provides more information.


Happy Shipping!