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New Contributor
Status: Under Review
Please let ‘Automatic Discounts’ from Shopify import into ShipStation.
First-timer (legacy)
Yes please! This has become a huge work driver for my business because customers see the automatic discount at checkout and then don't see it reflected on their Ship Station delivery slip and think that they were overcharged. It's basically a flaw in the API mapping and can't be that hard to fix? Thx!
First-timer (legacy)
This needs to be bumped a little higher for me. My store regularly run automatic discounts (buy x, get y at 10% off; buy one get one, etc.) And while the issue is not critical for US shipments, it is absolutely crucial for international orders. If the orders are imported to ShipStation with the original valuations, then international customers are charged VAT/Duties based on the original value instead of the discounted value. And considering some of the very low de minimus values, $20 or less, a valuation change of a dollar or more can be huge.