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Barcode on Pick List

New Contributor

As a company that is growing, using pick lists as a tool is very useful.  However, not being able to scan a master barcode on the pick list that corresponds to a batch is stunting our growth, frankly.  We would like to be able to scan a barcode at the top of the pick list and be able to tell if the proper items have been chosen if the correct number of units have been selected, and match it to the packing lists they correspond to.  Could someone reach out to us and let us know if this is a possibility sooner than later, please? 

I see that other users have been asking about this since 2012 so I am thinking now is a good time.  😉

Thank you.



From what I understand Shipstation does not support per item inventory allocation. Meaning a system where each item is scanned in to confirm it has been picked. All it has is scanning support for order #s, which you can add to a pick sheet to quickly pull up an order. In my experience a 3rd party inventory management system is required for picking with scanning barcodes, then shipstation is used only for creating labels.

Just to clarify Shipstation does have an inventory management system, but it simply allocates all of that inventory from the order, and there is no built in way to confirm that those items have been - in fact - picked.

Occasional Contributor

Customizable pick lists (like the functionality we enjoy with pack lists) is a huge need and a miss. 

Additionally, scan-pick verification is tremendous feature for enhancing fulfillment quality and inventory accuracy that competing systems offer and ShipStation would greatly benefit from introducing!

I agree, this is a HUGE miss by Shipstation & forces you to use two different systems. Very easy functionality to offer. Pack list NEEDS scan to verify functionality. Picker and packer roles are separate.