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Don't want to import specific products orders

New Contributor

i have created an automatic rule in shipstation for not importing an SKU (let's say: XYZ).
Shipstation does not import XYZ orders when its only one SKU in that order. But when there are other SKUs in the order, Shipstation imports them all. 

i talk to support and here is their response: No automation can only keep one SKU from importing we have no way to target just one SKU when there are others on the order it can only be done when its the only SKU on the order.


is there any way we can restrict specific products order not to import in Shipstation even if it's 1 SKU or multiple SKU in that order? 


New Contributor

That's crazy - I need to do this too. Have you found any workarounds?


You cannot set automation based on SKU or name for multiple item orders directly,  but you can accomplish this by setting a tag for the product; from:

Apply tags to products so orders containing those products automatically receive those tags

You can then set automation based on those tags; I believe they are applied before automation runs, but if not you could at least use a filter to exclude them or remove them once they are imported. 

Hey there @JakeM


Thank you for spreading this solution you've worked with! Teamwork makes the dream work. 


Happy shipping everyone! 🙂 

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!


Hi Sam, have you found a way to do this? The tagging solution doesn't work since it's still treating the entire order as a whole rather than dealing with specific line items.

Are you trying to remove the items from the order or not import the order or something else?