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Searchable Presets!!


It would make finding presets so much easier if there was a search bar in the presets section to where we could just type in a SKU or title of a product instead of endlessly scrolling every time to find the preset we need.



You can assign up to 36 presets to hotkeys (ctrl + [key]) , detailed here in the section 'Notes About Presets.'

You can additionally assign any hotkeys to scannable barcodes which will do the same thing as the keyboard hotkey, but are a barcode. 

I find often-used hotkeys are extremely useful when bound to a separate programmable keyboard, so that each function has a dedicated key separate from the main keyboard; it is at least slightly faster than inputting the hotkeys on the main keyboard, and is helpful for users less familiar with shipstation to still do things quickly, and get into the habit of using the hotkeys rather than point and click everywhere.