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How can I remove customer's phone number for the label

New Contributor

Hello All, 

I googled and tried everything to remove the customer's phone number from the 4x6 label and I can't automatically make that happen. I tried AfterShip, ShippingEasy, and EasyShipping, and for the past month, I've been using ShipStation. Everything is working properly except the customer's phone number on the label. I reached out to ShipStation support and they said it's a required field and UPS asks for that, but I disagree because I am able to manually edit customer information > remove the customer's phone number > then create/buy the label just fine.

Please this is driving me nuts and I can't manually remove from hundreds of orders. Thank you



Why are you trying to remove the phone number? Carriers want it on there in case they need to contact the customer when they are delivering it.

Have you ever received a phone number from any couriers asking for directions of your house. They don't have time for this 


Hey there @Ramos21


There is not an automated way to remove those phone numbers, as the carrier's do prefer, if not request, to have that contact info available. 


The only idea that comes to mind would be to potentially check where the orders are importing from to see if that info can be removed prior to import into ShipStation. 


Although, to reiterate what @jeremiah_lchh mentioned, I may not recommend that adjustment.

From Moderator Davis, May the force be with you!

How do we raise this issue to Ship station? It should be optional. Would you be comfortable have your phone number in the label? What if someone steals your package now they have your phone number too

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I don't think anyone would like their personal phone number on the label. Order from Amazon does not have phone numbers on the label. 
I can't delete it from the E-COMMERCE since I use multiples platforms and I have no control

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I 100% agree with this. With the rampant number of porch pirate thefts who would be comfortable knowing their phone number was printed on the shipping label!


While UPS or FedEx might encourage this (or maybe they used to), to me this seems like a huge security risk. Someone steals your package and now they also have your phone number. I have NEVER received an amazon package that had my phone number printed on the label, I'm sure for this exact reason. 


We can't always control how the data is sent over from our ecommerce platform, so I think ShipStation should add an option that allows us to toggle whether or not we want the phone number to print on the label. (And I think it should be OFF by default).


Besides - Raise your hand if anyone here has *EVER* received a friendly courtesy call from their neighborhood FedEx or UPS driver to say "hey mr. smith for some reason we can't find your address, would you mind giving us directions"? The answer is NO. The drivers don't have time to do this. 

How do we raise this issue to Ship station? Holidays are coming and right now I need to go to every single order and delete the phone numbers. Sometimes I forget to do before buy the label then I have to use a PDF editor and erase the phone number. It's painful 

On this site ( there is an "ideas" link in the navigation bar. I just added this as an idea. Maybe you can upvote that one and I would assume the dev team takes all of the submitted ideas, sorts by upvotes and then considers implementing the x most common requests.