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New to multi user - help with filtering certain orders to certain users


Been with shipstation for awhile - great - except the lack of customer service. They refuse to call me to help me set up our new workflow/automation which we didn't cover in onboarding because... we were not ready for it.   You would think they would want to help us ship more to make more themselves. 

So I'm looking for fellow small business owners for recommendations.  Switching to two users - two PC's.  We do shipments from our facility daily  but also have added some locations that we can do drop ships.  I want to set ALL orders to come into my main account - then manually pass the orders containing shipments from our facility to my other PC in the warehouse.  They can work on those - while we do the other orders that are "no touch".          


Thinking further - I'd be very open to hearing any more detailed ideas to try to automate that process (at least a bit).  

Look forward to some awesome ideas and thank you in advance.