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1. The jump from 50 to 500 is literally a 10x jump. A seller who is teetering on 50 will need 250 at most for the next level. Charge $15 for 250 and then $30 for 500. It shows that your goal is to facilitate success with your customers and not "lock'em in" because they finally had some success. 2. $9 to $29 is a 3X jump. It might seem trivial to add $20 to the monthly fees, but every dollar counts for a company trying to stay afloat right now. I know that you have a prorated fee in place, but the admin around that just seems like upscale engineering. 3. Most importantly, sellers need a partner who has their back. Make a plan that works for them in that middle ground and I'm almost certain you'd be investing in a long-term customer. I love Shipstation, and I say this because I want this product to be that great.
First-timer (legacy)
It would be nice to have another option in between these two plans for small businesses. Thanks!
I would like to see another option for those of us that ship more than 50 packages a month, but quite a bit less than 500. I'd gladly pay $15/month or so for a membership in-between "starter" and "bronze" that would include around 150-200 shipments! Currently, we're still using Amazon to ship around 50% of our shipments because we reach our 50 package limit every month with the starter plan. I will occasionally upgrade to the bronze plan for a month during peak seasons, but I always downgrade the following month since we don't need to ship up to 500 packages.
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I support this ! I'd love a 150/250 plan with a $15-19 subscription fee, because I'm lazy I don't go through the hassle of using something else but shipping 100/150 packages for a 500 limit plan seems like a waste to me. 


Please could you let me know whether Ship Station has 2 step verification?