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Our team would like to display only the recipient's first name in our email template. Currently, the HTML option provides only the first and last name and this is not in alignment with our company's general aesthetic.


I reached out for chat support and this option is not available at this time. We hope this is something that can be offered in the future. 


Thank you!

Occasional Contributor

We need our emails to display First Name ONLY. 


Automated emails saying "Hello FirstName LastName" looks too unprofessionals compared to "Hello FirstName"


This makes us not want to use ShipStation emails. 

New Contributor

I also need the customer name separated. It's crazy that this isn't an option already.

Occasional Contributor

Same. This is like the only tool on the entire internet that seems to think it's ok forcing First and Last name. Have you guys ever done email marketing before? Or even shipped a product to an actual customer?

Working on building my own WP solution so I can leave, as without the name, all my emails seem generic and robotic. Not to mention the "sent via shipstation" guaranteeing my emails wind up in spam or "promotions" inbox.