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I have been told so many times by support staff how much my feedback is appreciated, and how they love hearing my feedback, and they recommend making a feature request, and that they assure me the development team reads the feedback. 


Dudes. If you think the suggestion is good, then make the suggestion yourself. We are trying to run our own businesses, not Shipstation's.


Here's me submitting this, doubting the development team will read it. But it is a legitimate feature request, if you do.


Howdy @Hereforthefixes


Thank you for providing this perspective in the community! We are thrilled for you to join us. 


I am happy to confirm for you that our support team absolutely can and does regularly provide internal feedback directly to our product team. As the direct users of the software, your unique use case and interaction with UI can often provide us information we would not come across otherwise. This is just one of the main reasons we are eager to receive your feedback. 


Thanks again! 🙂 

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