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Status: Planned
Every time I go to use ShipStation, I have to login again. The "Remember Me" option does nothing. Support tells me that the actual function of that option is to tell ShipStation not to signout automatically while I'm in the middle of typing. What? (And, yes, I have been signed out in the middle of typing an address when I forgot to choose that option — i had to login again and re-enter the address.) The "Remember Me" option should do what it says — remember me for a relatively long time, And, if I don't choose it, it should never, never sign me out when I'm in the middle of doing something. The machine I use ShipStation on it is protected by a strong password and auto-locks itself if I walk away. There's a physical lock that would prevent a random person from coming up to it and printing labels. And, if they actually got to my machine and unlocked it, there are a lot more dangerous things they could do than mail packages! This is fake security, not real security. And, if people actually want it for some reason, all they have to do is not choose Remember Me. Please fix it.
First-timer (legacy)
With version 3, the logout period is too short. I am always logging in after 10-15 min. I'd like to see at least 4 hour sessions. Additionally, when it does expire and I am on the order page, I enter in all pertinent info and click get rate it then expires and I have to re-input the data again. So when your session expires, have a modal display immediately to prevent the above
More info: If you go to what would normally be an "internal" URL, like or, it doesn't sign you out! It's only if you go to the normal URL, like the people would save in their ShipStation bookmark, that it signs you out. So,, and sign you out. So, I would think this will be an easy fix and you really don't want people to save URLs like ss9 and ship9 because that messes up your load balancing.
Status changed to: Planned

Doesn't "Remember Me" imply remembering your username and password and not "Keep me logged in"?

Occasional Contributor

Here I am, in 2024 and this is still a problem. And worse, their outdated methods of authenticating you "select every 6 blocks of square on 3+ images before you can log in" take me an extra 20+clicks to login sometimes and it's insanely frustrating.