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Shipstation is about to lose me as a customer because we stopped letting our employees see the $ value of the shipments and their attitude completely improved.  We need them to be able to split orders but there is not way to do this without giving them access to order amount.  If this can't be resolved, we'll likely have to change tools.  It is quite a simple request and think it should be SUPER obvious to have this available.

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@Moderator-Davis hi what is the status of this request - along with preventing users from seeing customer emails and phone numbers. And preventing users from exporting data???


Shipstation is also about to lose me as a customer

Hey there @snoozy


Currently I don't have any updates around this type of user permissions addition, but I will certainly keep my eyes and ears open for any news! 

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Absolutely important for companies with more than three employees

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There really needs to be a fix for this. @Moderator-Davis It's bad for business. I am going to look into 3rd party apps like Zapier that may possibly provide a solution. Looking through the forums, so many customers are looking for a solution and shipstation has not found one in the past 5 years. 😞


Absolutely needs a setting to hide values and emails. Also, block the export of any information. Seems a very straight forward request that is easy to implement.