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Hello amazing community members, 


Happy New Year! We are so excited not only to welcome you to 2022 but to celebrate one year of this community space. 





Since our launch on January 7th, 2021, we have had a record-breaking year which we could not have done without you and your participation. We’ve welcomed over 1,500 new members into the fold and as a collective community, you have posted 3,087 times and given 782 kudos to your fellow members.


In addition to all of the contributions you all have made, we have been blessed with a talented group of ShipStation experts in our super user program. 



A huge thank you to Mason Fabian, Eric Siverson, and Domminc for their service in the community, especially during our launch period. 


We also want to thank the content, product, and other development teams for their assistance in supporting our mission to keep all merchants informed and up to date about product improvements and bug fixes. As of this past year, we were able to share 23 blog posts to keep you looped in and the community is the exclusive location to find this information.


Another big change this year has brought for Community has also been revamping and relaunching our user feedback processes. We were able to import around 750 ideas from our old Feedback Forums site and have had many brand new ideas suggested by this community. 


Since celebrating the community means celebrating our amazing community members, the first 25 people to comment on this post with a positive message about this past year or a congratulations will receive a special communi-versary gift from us. 


In 2022, we will be focusing on growing this community, increasing outreach, and striving to do better each and every day for all of our members. We thank you for being a part of this community, your participation, and for your patience as we continue to make improvements to this program.

Occasional Contributor

Congratulations on the milestone. The changes and enhancements to the community features are much appreciated.

New Contributor



The communication and information has really helped.

Frequent Contributor

What a milestone ShipStation Community 🤓


I've loved seeing all of the members really jumping in and helping one another with issues others are experiencing! I've gained a lot of knowledge from this page, as well as a few friends 😁


Cheers to 2022 🎉

Frequent Contributor

wow 1 yr time fly's  got a lot of info  that hep me with shipstation from this Community page 

Occasional Contributor

Congratulaions on the milestone! 


Can confidently say the community has been a blessing in our initial setup and integration period. The support received and open conversations we're able to have with other members and the team is a real benefit.


Here's to 2021!


Hello everyone, 


Thank you so much for participating. We will be reaching out within the next week to gather shipping information from you. 


-Erin: Your Friendly ShipStation Community Manager