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Hello amazing community members, 


I know that right now there are a lot of concerns being raised about the new layout and roadblocks you are facing. I also do know that we have been a bit quiet for the past few days, as we have digested your feedback and brainstormed a plan of action alongside our colleagues within the organization. 


 We recognize that changing to a new system can cause hiccups and frustrations, but we are committed to making sure our platform is the best it can be going forward. 


As we have stated publicly, we plan to continue migrating users to the new layout over time. Any rumors or speculation to the contrary are incorrect, though our team has been taking steps to avoid blocking any business from shipping. 


We have heard your calls for more transparency and communication. Going forward, we plan to be as communicative and transparent as possible with you about this new layout and the work being done to address your blockers. 


To aid in this effort we have created a brand new feedback section of the community specifically to address migration issues and concerns. All feedback and suggestions about the new layout will be migrating over to this section within the coming week so we have everything all in one space. A task force will be reviewing all posts and comments from this section on a weekly basis to prioritize fixes where possible and address provided feedback internally.  We will also publish content to show you what is currently happening, what might be blocked, and what is planned where possible. 

Please note that we want your feedback and we welcome it; however, this board is not intended for general complaints or requests to revert to the previous layout. Any posts without actionable feedback will be moved out of this board as this board exists to help our team take your feedback and implement solutions. 

We thank you for continuing to trust us with your valuable feedback and we appreciate each and every single community member for taking the time to share with us. Our community is nothing without your voices and we thank you for everything you contribute. 

-Erin: Your Friendly Neighborhood ShipStation Community Manager